HPI 8’ Commercial Black Double Water Tube For Swimming Pool Winter Cover Weight

Hinsperger's Poly Industries

$ 18.90 $ 27.70

HPI 8’ Double Black Commercial Water Tube For Swimming Pool Winter Cover

Our North American made water bags are the best way to keep your pool cover secure all winter long. The water bags are manufactured from quality heavy gauge vinyl treated with UV inhibitors and anti-bacterial and anti-fungus additives. Unlike imported tubes they are designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Follow these simple steps when using water bags: Fill water bags 1/2 to 3/4 full to  allow room for expansion due to freezing.

• Heavy gauge U.S. vinyl
• U.V. treated
• Freeze crack additive
• Large U.S. made valve to accept a standard garden hose
• Each water tube measures 1' x 8' ft long and is a double chamber water tube
• Color: Black

These traditional water bags are time tested and proven to protect your winter cover from collapsing under the weight of ice and snow.