Cotton Tails Alternative Sand Filter Media

Flow Xtreme

$ 40.90 $ 51.99

Experience state-of-the-art filtration with our new Cotton Tails filter media. These 100% polyethylene balls filter your pool's water down to 3 microns, a 10x improvement over sand. Stop breaking your back with heavy bags of hard-to-manage sand, and switch to a media that's lighter, smaller and smarter. You'll only need 1.5-lbs of FX Cotton Tails for every 50-lbs. of sand your filter requires. Enjoy cleaner, clearer water that's less reliant on costly chemicals, with filtration that's only matched by expensive, dangerous DE filter systems. With a greater capacity for particulates than sand, it also requires less backwashing. How can you go wrong? Turn your sand filter into a super filter with FX Cotton Tails today!