Hathaway Games & Sports Rampage or Galaxy Sure Grip Soft Tip Dart Set of 3 Darts

Hathaway Games & Sports

$ 15.90 $ 21.20

Carmelli Hathaway Soft Tip Darts are designed and built to deliver competition-level performance at an unbeatable price. Crafted from a blend of high quality components, our Soft Tip Dart Sets are perfectly balanced for smoothness and accuracy. The unique patterned barrels ensure a firm, comfortable grip and controlled release. The included easy storage case keeps your darts safe and at hand. Take your game to the next level and beat the competition with Carmelli Hathaway Soft Tip Darts!

Each set includes:
  • Attractive graphic flight designs
  • 6 high speed slim poly flights
  • 3 convex nylon shafts and 3 aluminum shafts with locking hole
  • Dart weight: 18 grams
  • Measures: 6.5 inch length x 1.75 inch width x 0.86 inch height
Rampage Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts Model:
  • Nickel-plated barrel with rubberized sure grip sleeves
Galaxy Soft Tip Darts Model:
  • Alloy-plated barrel with pineapple grooves