In-Ground Swimming Pool Winter Mesh Covers by HPI Rectangle Sizes Enviro-Mesh

Hinsperger's Poly Industries

$ 97.90 $ 146.12

Our HPI Enviro-Mesh pool cover keeps all the dirt, silt and debris out of your pool while allowing water to pass through! Hinsperger s Enviro Cover is the right choice featuring a patented reflective silver coated mesh that speeds up the melting process of snow and ice, allowing water to filter through. The exclusive silver coating on the topside of the Hinsperger s Enviro-Mesh cover makes it a customer favorite for several reasons:
  • Keeps the mesh strong and serviceable for many seasons and prevents material stretching
  • Speeds up melting of snow to reduce stress on the cover and the pool
  • Enviro Mesh is the strongest mesh cover available. The Yard Guard patented lace coat construction fortifies and enhances the durability of the cover
  • Reduces standing water, minimizing insect habitats that can form with cheaper covers
  • Uses a triple edge binding to add strength and durability, backed by a manufacturer s 8 year warranty!
  • Made in the USA and Canada, and designed to stand up to winter s worst!
All sizes include 5ft of overlap material (example: cover for 20 x 40 pool is approximately 25 x 45') making this cover easier to secure. Water tube weight loops are included every 3-4 feet. All in-ground pool covers require weights or anchoring systems, which are sold separately. Water tubes are not included with the purchase of a pool cover.

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