Above Ground Swimming Pool Winter Mesh Covers by HPI Round Sizes Enviro-Mesh

Hinsperger's Poly Industries

$ 56.90 $ 84.93

Our HPI Enviro-Mesh pool cover keeps all the dirt, silt and debris out of your pool while allowing water to pass through! Hinsperger s Enviro Cover is the right choice featuring a patented reflective silver coated mesh that speeds up the melting process of snow and ice, allowing water to filter through. The exclusive silver coating on the topside of the Hinsperger s Enviro-Mesh cover makes it a customer favorite for several reasons:
  • Keeps the mesh strong and serviceable for many seasons and prevents material stretching
  • Speeds up melting of snow to reduce stress on the cover and the pool
  • Enviro Mesh is the strongest mesh cover available. The Yard Guard patented lace coat construction fortifies and enhances the durability of the cover
  • Reduces standing water, minimizing insect habitats that can form with cheaper covers
  • Uses a triple edge binding to add strength and durability, backed by a manufacturer s 8 year warranty!
  • Made in the USA and Canada, and designed to stand up to winter s worst!
All sizes include 4 feet of overlap material (example: cover for 24 Round pool is approximately 28 Round) making this cover easier to secure. Strong grommets and included cable and ratchet system lock the cover in place. Add our cover clips and other pool closing and winterizing accessories to make the job a snap.

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