Aquaria Marquis Swimming Pool Fun - Made with Aqua Cell - Blue / Aqua


$ 89.90 $ 134.18

Our AQUARIA MARQUIS economical priced swimming pool float harnesses the superior properties of Aqua Cell Foam; it will not chip, crack or fade!

Enjoy the comfort of the "finest foam afloat" as you relax on the economically priced Marquis pool float. Made with premium Aqua Cell Foam, this float will remain soft and comfortable year after year. Unlike "vinyl dipped" floats, Aqua Cell Foam will not chip, crack or fade when left out in the sun. The superior properties of this foam keeps it soft and comfortable for years and it is unaffected by pool chemicals. With Aqua Cell Foam, the color permeates the entire float and it is hypoallergenic. Our Marquis Swimming Pool Fun measures 70" long x 25" wide x 1-1/4" thick.

The attractive lines combined with integral pillow make relaxing in your pool easy and comfortable. Aqua Cell Foam is guaranteed unsinkable so you are assured a float that will last and last. Invest in the “Finest Foam Afloat" this summer, with our Marquis Swimming Pool Fun. Made proudly in the USA.

Available in Blue or Aqua.

Aqua Cell is a revolutionary material that has changed the way Swimming Pool Floats are made -- and what should be expected from them! This luxuriously soft yet affordable material is a closed cell foam that won't become heavy and water logged. In addition, you won't find any painted on vinyl coatings on an Aqua Cell Float! Because of this, Aqua Cell Floats will never chip or peel, no matter how long they are left in the sun!

Aqua Cell foam is unaffected by UV rays, chlorine, bromine or other pool chemicals and its rich color is impregnated throughout the float, not just on the surface, meaning it will always look as good as the day you bought it.