Replacement Filter Bag for Aquabot & Aqua First Robotic Pool Cleaner

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$ 27.90 $ 41.64

Replacement Filter Bag for Aquafirst and Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners
The Aqua Products Pool Cleaner Replacement Filter Bag works with all Aquafirst and Aquabot Cleaners. This ultra-durable, reusable filter bag removes fine debris including sand, silt, bacteria, algae and oil. The bag's high quality filtration material removes many of the causes of cloudy water, helping keep your pool and spa water crystal clear all season long!
  • Fits Aquafirst and Aquabot brand robotic pool cleaners
  • Reinforced mesh to prevent wear and tear
  • Double stitched elastic for snug fit
  • Tighter scrim mesh bag for increased filtration