Tahitian Steel Hybrid Above Ground Pool w/8" Resin Topsail, 18'x33' Size, 54" Depth


$ 4,447.90 $ 5,213.28


OUR HIGHEST QUALITY STEEL POOL FEATURES AN 8" RESIN TOPRAIL AND A STAINLESS STEEL EQUIPMENT PANEL: Style and quality merge together in this beautiful 54" deep steel pool. The Tahitian features a huge 8" top rail along with corrosion protection that is unsurpassed by any other pool in America today. If you and your family are looking for the strength of a steel pool with lifetime durability, invest in our top of the line Tahitian. Its premium features include:

SUPER-STRONG STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Steel is the strongest material used in above-ground pool construction. The Tahitian uses extra thick gauge steel in its uprights and sidewalls to make this pool rugged and durable. They are backed by a lifetime warranty. The beautiful non-corroding resin 8" top rail is injection molded for super strength and is a true round shape adding a graceful beauty to this pool. Because the top rails are resin, they are softer to sit upon and will not dent like steel top rails. All of these exceptional features are produced with expert craftsmanship resulting in a pool that is not only super strong, but fits together seamlessly with an excellent fit and finish.

CORROSION-PROOF PROTECTION: For years pool manufacturers have known that a steel pool is the strongest pool. The Tahitian has advanced coatings that virtually eliminate corrosion for the life of the pool. The pool wall is protected by a patented PlastiGuard coating process that ensures that your outer pool wall will never rust. The patented bottom system which contacts the ground (ice, rain, and snow) will never corrode and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Even if steel pools are coated to protect against rust and corrosion, any hole or opening in the steel, such as return lines and skimmer, will open those areas to rust from pool water and the elements. Tahitian eliminates any rust or corrosion with its stainless steel service panel. Every pool comes with the stainless steel service panel that protects the skimmer and return lines from rust and corrosion. This panel is only offered on the Tahitian. Stainless Steel panel measures 53.5" x 43" and is backed by Lifetime Warranty.

The 8" resin top rail offers both beauty and function. It's a true radius design is perfectly round and made of resin that is soft to the touch and will never rust, dent, or corrode. This unique top rail is also impervious to water and chemical damage. Potent U.V. inhibitors imbedded in the resin provide additional protection, insuring decades of family fun.

Because the Tahitian has been so well protected from rust and corrosion in the walls, top rails, and base plates, it carries a 60-year warranty, and the bottom rails and plates and stainless steel service panel carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

EASY INSTALLATION: Invest in Tahitian this season and get in on great family fun. This pool kit comes standard with a liner and widemouth skimmer. A free DVD and manual are also included to make installing the pool easy for the average homeowner.

Included in our starter package:

  • Steel wall pool kit with resin frame components
  • Blue Wave Widemouth Skimmer and Return System
  • Swimline Liner
  • Resin A-Frame Entry Ladder with Safety Features
  • Blue Wave Hi Flo Pump and Filter System
  • Comprehensive installation manuals