Pool Table Regulation Billiard Ball Set

Hathaway Games & Sports

$ 50.90 $ 75.97

Improve your game with the professional quality Pool Table Regulation Billiard Ball Set. Experience the difference a perfectly engineered ball can make to your game! The premium"True Roll"Billiard Balls combine quality materials and precision engineering to create a durable, perfectly weighted, round ball that plays excellent! This set of 16 regulation balls are crafted from a poly resin blend and include 7 striped balls, 7 solid colored balls, one 8-ball, and one white cue ball.

  • 16 precision-engineered regulation size 2-1/4-in "True Roll" billiard balls
  • Crafted from blended poly-resin
  • Each ball is calibrated for roundness and weight
  • Calibrated for color