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Below are helpful resources for planning and constructing your new above ground pool! The information presented here is generic and applies to many different pool models and applications. Always refer to the owner's manuals provided with your specific product and follow your local building codes.

Construction of any permanent steel wall pool is a building project that will require planning, and days, not hours to complete. When done correctly this project will provide many years of enjoyment. Cutting corners and skipping steps in the building process will decrease the longevity of the pool and equipment, and increase the risk of product failure.

Please note that no permanent steel wall pool may be assembled on sand. Mason sand is used as a barrier to protect the vinyl liner and is added inside the pool wall area. The perimeter frame and wall of the pool must be set up on firm, undisturbed soil and the support posts of the pool must be on concrete blocks to prevent shifting. Any steel wall pool that is set up on sand will shift and likely fail.






Generic information on sealing threaded plumbing connections (skimmer, pump, filter, and pool return plastic connections):  

Note that all threaded plumbing connections, regardless of application will leak when not properly sealed. This especially applies to high pressure pool filter system moving thousands of gallons of water per hour. There are many ways to seal plastic threaded plumbing, the sealant method chosen will vary based on your needs.

Information on Mineral sanitizing systems


Pool pumps cannot be run on an extension cord

14" sand filter tanks require 60 pounds of pool filter sand, 30 pounds of Zeobest sand alternative, 1.5 pounds of pool filter balls, or another water filtering media of your choice.

18"-19" sand filter tanks require 100-110 pounds of pool filter sand, 50 pounds of Zeobest sand alternative, 3 pounds of pool filter balls, or another water filtering media of your choice.

22" sand filter tanks require 220 pounds of pool filter sand, 100 pounds of Zeobest sand alternative, 6 pounds of pool filter balls, or another water filtering media of your choice.

SEMI-INGROUND INSTALLATION: any pool may be partially buried at the consumer's risk. Review and follow all local building codes. Burying an "above ground pool" voids the pool warranty and requires great care and planning to avoid product failure. 

Charlie's Wholesale is not affiliated with any professional pool installer. Charlie's Wholesale can assume no responsibility for errors in installation either by the homeowner or a professional installer. If you have your pool installed by others, supervise the installation process and ensure the steps detailed above have been followed. Review this file for considerations when burying an above ground pool: Below-Grade Instructions

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