Adjustable Deck Jet Assembly

Custom Molded Products

$ 88.90 $ 111.99

Adjustable Deck Jet - Includes 4 Covers: White, Black, Grey, Tan and Adjustable Wrench

The CMP 25597-200-000 Natural Wonders Adjustable Deck Jet is part of the Natural Wonders Deck and Wall Jet Collection offered by Custom Molded Products, LLC. It includes an adjustable deck jet assembly and four decorative caps. It is the only deck jet that can be adjusted at the nozzle while running. This deck jet creates a graceful arc of water that enters the pool with a gentle splash is manufactured to be useful for commercial and residential pools. You only need to set the water flow at the pump and then adjust it using the adjustable nozzle. Its four different cap colors (White, Black, Gray, Tan) are made to create the perfect match with the surroundings of your pool. Its moveable adjustable nozzle is hidden from view and only uses 3-5 gallons per minute for a stream of water up to 10 feet high. It has a 4-inch hole size and a cap with a size of 2.5-inch diameter. It also has a 3/4-inch water line and for adjustment, you need to first control the flow with a ball valve and then fine tune using the nozzle.