Blue Torrent Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Blue Torrent Pool Products

$ 1,858.90 $ 2,496.99

Economical, energy-saving, and fast-acting, our Blue Torrent Pool Heat Pump tops the market in craftsmanship and value!

Keep your pool water at a comfortable temperature this season! Our Blue Torrent Heat Pumps reduce heating costs by using an evaporation condenser built from corrosion-resistant titanium to compress warm, ambient air around your pool into hot water. With high-efficiency fins designed to catch heat fast, these pumps work quietly and at rapid-fire speed throughout the seasons. Common-sense controls, easy-to-read LED communications, and a microprocessor that automatically monitors its own performance all work together to ensure painless and reliable use! Designed for comfort, temp controls allow you to set it and forget it. Featuring BT certification and a manufacturer's 10-year limited warranty, you're guaranteed to enjoy a comfortable, soothing swim—no matter what the weather is!

Energy-Saving Blue Torrent Pool HeatPump

• Pays for Itself by Cutting Energy Costs
• Utilizes Warm Ambient Air for Increased Efficiency
• BT Certified for Long-term Reliability
• Exclusive Self-Diagnostics to Keep Performance High
• Easy Programming Controls for Optimal Use
• Quiet Motor and Consumer-Friendly Installation
• Voltage: 208-230V
• Installation instructions
• For Above Ground and In Ground Pool Use 


The secret to a heat pump's efficiency is they do not use any electricity to heat your pool. Instead, they take the heat from the air around your pool and transform it into warm water in your pool.

The energy they consume is used strictly for the conversion of heat unlike traditional gas heaters which need to create the heat used to warm the pool's water.

Heat pumps extract the heat from air, intensify the heat via a compressor, then deliver the heat to the pool water! The cool air comes out of the top of the unit. Because heat pumps use warm ambient air to do the work, they are the most energy efficient way to heat your pool!