Infrared Sauna Oxygen Ionizer Fragrance Pad Replacement - 3 pack

Radiant Saunas

$ 16.90 $ 21.99

Your sauna oxygen ionizer functions to purify the air and kill odor causing bacteria. Inside a sauna, keeping the air fresh is critical because of the heat and perspiration. Without purifying the air inside your sauna, it can get stuffy and smell bad. Replace the fragrance pad inside your ionizer frequently to promote healthy purified air for unbeatable freshness. Each pad slowly releases fragrance for long lasting aroma and odor control. Remember, keeping your sauna clean is important. The oxygen ionizer with a fresh new replacement pad will help purify and clean the air increasing the relaxing effects of your sauna. Contains (3) 1.75-in x 2.125-in pads.

  • 3 pack of replacement ionizer Fresh Scent fragrance pads
  • Promotes healthier debris free purified air
  • Unbeatable freshness - eliminates odors
  • Fits most dry sauna oxygen ionizers
  • Pad Size: 1-3/4-in L x 2-1/8-in W